November 29

Week #12

we seemed to be on television



“Hey Lulu, our agent says we have an audition for a new series ,” I said. Hi I’m Arabella a wanna be actress. Lulu was all ready partly famous.

there was only one part left so we agreed that if only one of us get’s in none of us do. But i got in.

“Well i guess none of us get’s in,” said lulu. All hell broke loose.

“This is my chance!  stop being so selfish!”

“We made a packed!”

And she pushed me into the TV!


“Whoa!” I said.


We seemed to be on television. No, lulu’s not here.


November 23

100 word challenge

Right now there is a massive protest because the  elders of our village are deciding to destroy The Great Wood and the graveyard to make a dam so rich kids can have clean water but the souls of those in the graves will be trapped under gallons of  water unable to reach the heavens.

then suddenly out of nowhere, the spirits of the bodies floated away from there graves and into the trees.


The roots became men and the men became soldiers of wood.

“We will protect the world of dead!” The soldiers screamed at guards.

And they charged.




November 22

Rude Boy poem

Me: Rude Boy, why you crashing at my party?

Rude Boy: I’m the only one who can get this thing started.

Me: Rude Boy, I didn’t give you an invitation.

Rude Boy: I got in by using my powers of persuasion.


looking around

getting lost through the crowd

he’s such a pain

please stop playing this game


Me: Rude Boy where have you been?

Looked everywhere and you’re nowhere to be seen.

Rude Boy: sorry i just needed some relaxation

Away from the crowd; a mini vacation


He said he was hungry and could take it no further

so we both grabbed a bite and Rude Boy Burger.
















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November 20


I turn you words into a castle

a palace

a battle

for balance


I turn your words into  a tower

a rose

my power

so go


I’m burning steel

and your  not real

I got a brain

your a pain


locking me up again

mocking all-ways


but right now your invisible

right now I can’t see you


right now I got the upper hand

right now I’m winning oh damn


I turn you words into a castle

a palace

a battle

for balance


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November 20

the evil lorikeet

i’t evil and viscous

swooping all

we run away

only to fall


biting and pecking

it digs it’d talons through our skin

it might be beautiful

but there’s darkness hidden deep with in


flying through the sky

being scared of such a thing it’s absurd

it even makes us cry

don’t hurt me you beautiful bird!

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November 19

Week #11

I’m Jake.  I hate my evil step-mum .

At dinner, she kept asking me to drink my tea and I didn’t want make a scene.

Oh my god it was disgusting. I felt like i was going to be sick. I ran outside and jumped on my bike.

in the woods I got of the bike and lightning hit a tree.


 Holly crap what the heck is happening to me!

the lighting split the tree making a ring of fire.  I hate my life! I was so angry  I through my bike against the tree. they combined.  I  screamed.


November 13

The race bull

What’s a bull? Are they strong? Big and powerful? They come in different colours with horns. There rough and are used for rodeos…right? Bill the bull didn’t want to throw people of his back. He doesn’t want to be mean or rough and hurt people.  He wanted to be… a race horse. Or a race bull maybe?


The paddock was separated between bulls and horses.

“You’ll never race,” said a posh horse on a carriage. “Give up,”

But bill wouldn’t give up. He wanted to race. He’s only friends were Soso and Remmy the horse but other horses tried to push Remmy away. So Soso the bull mane a plan.


Bill dressed up as a horse and raced in the Melbourne cup. He won and shook of his mask.

Everyone gasped.


November 13

What am I?

i wondered what to do with it

I wondered what it was

could it easily rip?

does it do what it’s told?


it’s spiky but a mold

not circular  but it rolls

it stays in one place and it takes you places

you stay in bed but you meet new faces

it can make you fly

and it asks “what am I?”



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November 12

Colour me

Use your paint brush to colour the rain

colour me scarlet when I’m going insane.


colour me pink like when I blush

colour me red like when I’m mad and have had enough.



Colour me sweet like a rose,

like my idea’s that just want to grow.



Colour me sad like the oceans blue

colour me happy when I’m with you.




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November 12

Crazy Colours

splattered on the page

colourful paint

neatly smudged together

abstract art.






all colours of the rainbow

with violet and indigo

vibrant in your heart






and spots

on a empty canvas

giving joy and endless happiness.




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