November 13

The race bull

What’s a bull? Are they strong? Big and powerful? They come in different colours with horns. There rough and are used for rodeos…right? Bill the bull didn’t want to throw people of his back. He doesn’t want to be mean or rough and hurt people.  He wanted to be… a race horse. Or a race bull maybe?


The paddock was separated between bulls and horses.

“You’ll never race,” said a posh horse on a carriage. “Give up,”

But bill wouldn’t give up. He wanted to race. He’s only friends were Soso and Remmy the horse but other horses tried to push Remmy away. So Soso the bull mane a plan.


Bill dressed up as a horse and raced in the Melbourne cup. He won and shook of his mask.

Everyone gasped.


November 13

What am I?

i wondered what to do with it

I wondered what it was

could it easily rip?

does it do what it’s told?


it’s spiky but a mold

not circular  but it rolls

it stays in one place and it takes you places

you stay in bed but you meet new faces

it can make you fly

and it asks “what am I?”



November 12

Colour me

Use your paint brush to colour the rain

colour me scarlet when I’m going insane.


colour me pink like when I blush

colour me red like when I’m mad and have had enough.



Colour me sweet like a rose,

like my idea’s that just want to grow.



Colour me sad like the oceans blue

colour me happy when I’m with you.




November 12

Crazy Colours

splattered on the page

colourful paint

neatly smudged together

abstract art.






all colours of the rainbow

with violet and indigo

vibrant in your heart






and spots

on a empty canvas

giving joy and endless happiness.




November 12

Light at the End of the Tunnel

Lost in the dark

In emotions

in my heart

or deep in the ocean


But you can go through the darkness

and find happiness

There’s light at the end of the tunnel

Light at the end of the tunnel


When all is dark

light up a match

when you don’t know where to start

just start from scratch


There’s light at the end of the tunnel…

at the end of the tunnel…











( Inspired by a painting by Ellena Kiriacu )

November 12


Ocean like a liquid sky

Playing with the butterflies

Swimming in the pool with

Your friends and all the cool kids


Spending Summer Summer having fun

Summer Summer in the sun

Summer Summer climbing trees

Summer summer with you and me

Playing underwater games

Tag! Your it I swim away

Going for a surf early morning

Wishing for the rain to be pouring


Spending Summer Summer having fun

Summer Summer in the sun

Summer Summer chasing dreams

Summer Summer with you and me



November 12


The flowers will finally bloom

The bees make their first hum

There is the bigger orange moon

And there is the brighter sun


Oh spring

You make the birds sing

You are the season’s king

Oh spring

You make a better flower

You have the power

Oh spring

You make daises

Don’t care if it’s raining

You make the birds sing

You are the season’s king

Oh spring














November 12


The bright leaves have been painted by the wind

And it seems all has changed since

Trees once shining with leaves of joyful green

Are now bare with only gold to be seen

But it isn’t sad

No nothings bad

Just because the leaves have fallen

Doesn’t mean we should hate autumn

Leaves in the wind are carried high and low

Painted crimson for a scarlet show

Jumping out of the piles of leaves

Having fun in what used to be green

And now is crimson

In Autumn

The leaves have fallen

In dear autumn
















November 12


Hot coco by the fire

Unfinished snowmen rising higher

Hitting each other with a snowball

But we don’t care, no not at all


Winter, is not just cold

It can be cool

More than bright

It can be bold

Winter, is not just snowball fights

It means laughter

It means happiness

At the end of each night


No we don’t need the burning sun

To have more than a little fun



Snow falling




Hitting the




Winter helps me ice skate

Now that the lake is ice.

Then I take pictures of snowflakes

Winter is truly nice.












November 9

The monkey called Tim!

I was wondering around the jungle land

I didn’t know where to go

I needed to find a helping hand

but I didn’t know what I needed to know


I was tired and I had had enough

I closed my eyes and fell  a sleep

when they opened I didn’t see the sky above

but a monkey I could keep


he said he woke me up to make a choice

bananas or a chocolate sweet?

he loved the sound of his own voice

then he made me clean his feet!


I called him Tim  and  he ate banana’s

but somehow broke his tooth

he rested in the Bahama’s

then took a picture in the photo booth


when he came out

he met some slugs

they were from downtown

and believed to be thugs


the slugs had met some snail

who were also on the run

they were small nut tough and nails

who always drank rum


so the creatures teamed up

to steel blocks of gold

they only stopped when the had more then enough

and because they were old.