May 23

Everyone Should Learn How To Swim

I strongly agree that it’s extremely important for everyone to learn how to swim because of safety and health reasons, as well as swimming being great fun.

On the last school swimming carnival I was in the Girls Open. When I was six I did swimming lessons until I was seven but I never learnt how to properly swim so I lost the girls open and now I really want to learn how to swim. I don’t want to let my team down again. I think everyone should learn how to swim, don’t you?


My first reason is because of safety. More than 3,536 people drown each year. Do we really want that number to increase? If everyone learnt how to swim properly than I’m sure that the number will decrease. People learning how to correctly swim is most crucial because of the safety. What would happen if you didn’t know how to swim and a huge wave appeared while you were swimming at the beach? Or if you got stuck in a rip? Or if you fell out of a boat? If you didn’t know how to swim, how would you be able to get back to the shore?


My second reason is that swimming is one of the most healthy and active sports with plenty of different strokes. Swimming can make you fit, healthy and strong. It’s a fun and competitive sport I believe everyone can enjoy. It is good for asthma and can improve your general fitness. By everyone learning how to swim, more kids can have a better chance at the swimming carnival so people can go to districts and represent our amazing school.


My last reason is that swimming is incredibly fun! Swimming is great fun if your playing underwater tag or having a friendly race with your siblings. Have you ever been at a friends pool party and watch or friends have all the fun while you sit on the side lines because you can’t swim? swimming is so much fun. you could be playing games underwater or doing some backstroke is all so enjoyable. Ithink that swimming is extremely fun.


In conclusion I strongly believe that everyone should learn how to swim because it’s healthy, people need to learn how to be safe around water and  swimming is amazing fun! I think these are strong reasons of why I think everyone should learn how to swim. Do you?


May 21

Books VS T.V.

I strongly believe that incredible books are better than mind numming T.V because their healthier than T.V, they improve skills and they give you a good imagination. Have you ever been extremely bored so you go watch T.V but you’ve already watched every movie or show ever made so you become more bored? I have.

My first reason about books being better than T.V is that books are amazing and T.V is boring and terrible for your health. If you sit on the couch all day watching mind numming T.V your eyes will get sore and eyes are only fully formed when your thirteen so don’t start breaking them now. By the way, when you watch T.V you probably on a bad possession on the couch which is going to really hurt your back and neck when you wake up the next day.

My next reason is how books make you intelligent. Reading is incredible, it expands your vocabulary and depending on what you’re reading you can learn cool and interesting stuff that can help you at school and reading improves visualisation skills and C.A.F.E strategies which are good for school.
My third reason is that reading gives you an incredible imagination no matter what you’re reading. A person who can imagine can write which will help at school, and become authors, song writers, dancers, chefs, designers or pretty much anything. Imagination will help. You just need to read.
The premiers reading challenge is also on time to time and reading a lot of books will definitely, 100% help with that.

My last reason is that TV is bad for your social wellbeing. If you’re on the couch all day without going outside you won’t get a lot of fresh air and it’s proven that a person should spend at least my last reason is that TV is bad for your social wellbeing. If you’re on the couch all day without going outside you won’t get a lot of fresh air and it’s proven that a person should spend at least one hour a day outside. People should have fun, go out live a little and not be stuck on their screens.

This is why I think books are better than T.V, because their better for your health, They improve school work, vocab skills, C.A.F.E skills, visualisation skills plus, reading can give you a wild immagination which can help you with almost anything, so, in conclusion I strongly belive that intelligent incredible amazing books are way better than old boreing mind mumming un healthy T.V.

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April 29

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